Time Critical Service
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Time Critical services are reserved for the most urgent and important shipments. We provide a guarantee of on-time freight delivery.

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Main Time Critical Services

We will deliver your shipment on time!
Explore the benefits of the Time Critical service and find out what it contains.

On board courier

This service is dedicated to smaller shipments that will fit in carry-on luggage.

Next flight out

This service is dedicated to domestic and international shipments. They are shipped on the first commercial flight.

Aircraft on ground

We repair aircraft defects and malfunctions. In critical situations, we supply the required components.

Contact with forwarding agent 24H

Professional 24-hour consulting, customized solutions and support at every stage of the shipment.

GPS Navigation

Constant monitoring of shipments. Check your shipment delivery status!


We will deliver any type of freight to any destination in the world.

Experts in international urgent shipment delivery

Every minute counts? We offer express access to full and partial charters of all types of aircrafts (i.e. Antonov 225).

Our team of specialists is available 24/7. It comprises professional consulting and customised solutions. Take advantage of Time Critical express service and ensure you are supported at every stage of the transportation process.

Malwina Dębska

Critical Solutions Coordinator

Marcin Mądry

Overseas Market Development Specialist

Adam Klarowicz

Air Pricing Coordinator

Why is it worth it?

Learn about the main services that are included in Time Critical. We outline the advantages of working with an expert on international transport.

First Flight Shipments

We provide the opportunity to import and export urgent shipments on the first commercial flight.

Defects and malfunctions repair

We quickly resolve aircraft malfunctions and supply parts.

Uninterrupted contact

A dedicated forwarding agent can assist you at any time.

Safety guarantee

We are committed to ensure maximum security for urgent import and export shipments.


Ensure on-time delivery and don't lose money through stock shortages.













What is the fastest possible delivery for an international shipment?

Time Critical Transport – Fast shipment delivery to any destination in the world

Time Critical is a service that aims to deliver goods as quickly as possible. Our long-standing partnerships with air carriers and agents mean that we have a great deal of experience in implementing a critical transport service – with speed and safety in mind.

We will carry out any shipment without limitations as to size and weight.

Services included in Time Critical:

Air charter is the service that guarantees the shortest delivery time for important and urgent shipments. This solution is most often used for shipments in the automotive, aviation, valuable goods, perishable goods, heavy and bulky cargo sectors. It consists of chartering an entire aircraft for the client’s use, depending on cargo parameters.

On Board Courier (abbr. OBC or COB) – is a dedicated service for extremely urgent and valuable goods where personal attendance is required from pick-up to delivery. A dedicated and experienced courier provides safe door-to-door or door-to-airport transportation depending on the customer’s needs. Service provided with available commercial flights to most destinations worldwide. On Board Courier is a service dedicated to small shipments fitting in hand luggage or which, due to their size, can travel in the luggage compartment. On Board Courier is a solution for reducing delivery time to a minimum. Deliveries within Europe are made on the same day or the following day for flights outside the EU. Information on the status of the order in progress is provided in real time.

Next Flight Out is the solution for domestic and international shipments on the first possible commercial flight. Like the COB (courier on board) product, it is available around the clock. Door-to-door or door-to-airport delivery is made in 24/48 hours for European destinations and 48-72 hours for flights outside the EU. A customized solution depending on cargo weight and parameters. The service is further supported by an express customs service

Aircraft on Ground – is a unique solution for aerospace shipments. The AOG product is an immediate answer to the challenges posed by delayed and cancelled flights due to technical problems. Through the supply of spare parts, our experienced and qualified team helps to rectify defects and malfunctions of aircrafts that are not airworthy. We specialise in the transportation of critical components and ensure that they are transported as quickly and safely as possible. We reduce the extremely costly aircraft downtime to a minimum and do everything to avoid it.

Our experts are available 24/7 providing worldwide accessibility of our services, with the ability to monitor your shipment in real time.

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